Everything you need to know to design a good content marketing strategy

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What is content marketing? How to improve the visibility and positioning of the clinic? How to attract quality traffic? How to build trust? What are the steps to design a good strategy? What types of content are most recommended? On what channels and social networks should they be disseminated? Is content marketing economical? Can it be combined with other strategies? The answer to all these questions and much more in this article and on el COMPLETE DOSIER that you can free download at the end of the post

1.What is content marketing

Content marketing is a technique used in marketing that consists of creation, publication and dissemination of quality content, interesting, relevant and valuable with the aim of attracting the attention of your potential patients for attract them to your clinic and may they become your patients. That is, the idea is to analyze what patients want and offer it in the most attractive way possible to attract them and conquer them.

However, contrary to what it may seem, content marketing is not only about creating content in different formats and platforms to increase the visibility of the clinic but also about generating varied content to accompany the user throughout their purchasing process and perceive us as an “authority” in the specialties of our clinic. That is, from the moment you identify that you have a need until you decide to buy a product or undergo a certain treatment.

During all that purchasing cycle or decision-making, potential patients go through different phases:

  • Attention: This first stage corresponds to the moment in which a person realizes that they have a need, a problem or a desire and begins to consider what he can do to satisfy his need or desire and/or to solve his problem.
  • Investigation: once you are aware of what your need or problem is and have considered finding a solution to it, you embark on the research phase. In which you begin to actively seek information through different media and channels with the aim of gather all the data possible to make the best possible decision.
  • Decision: when the user already has enough information, the next step consists of study all the alternatives of those available in order to choose the one that best suits your situation, needs and preferences. At this point you will take into account aspects such as quality, price and other people's opinions or experiences.
  • Action: the cycle comes to an end when the user decides on one of the options and make the purchase or acquire the service.

Now that we know the phases that potential patients go through before going to a clinic, we have the necessary information to create content that guides them throughout this process and make our clinic one of the alternatives to consider.

Let's see it with a example practical: imagine that a person does not feel comfortable with their smile and wants to do something to solve it. You realize that the reason is that your teeth are a little yellow and that getting your teeth whitened could help with your problem.

At that moment your patient journey begins, the so-called patient journey. You have already passed the attention phase since you have identified your need and the way to satisfy it. And, therefore, the research phase begins in which you dedicate yourself to searching the Internet for information about what teeth whitening is, what it consists of, how it is performed, what advantages and benefits it has and what alternatives are available.

As we, who are a dental clinic, have discussed this topic in depth in our blog and have addressed all the questions that the user has raised, we will have a good chance of being one of the options that the user will begin to consider in the phase of decision.

But, in addition, if the content is of quality, is valuable, complete, is updated and answers all the user's doubts, we will be able to position ourselves as specialists in that treatment and we will increase the chances that they will finally decide on our clinic and become our patient. That is, you can take action by booking treatment at our clinic instead of a competing clinic.

And yes, added to the quality of the contents, we handle competitive prices, we have a attractive offer, qualified professionals and good reviews and testimonies from other patients who have undergone this treatment and have been satisfied, we will add even more points if possible to become the best alternative. It is important to highlight that content marketing is not only about generating interesting content that responds to the needs of potential patients in each phase of their decision-making cycle, but it must also provide them with a value added, attract them naturally to the clinic, create a two-way relationship and a engagement so that they are themselves, of their own free will and without the need for advertising or other more intrusive methods those who choose you and commit to your clinic.  

2. Importance of content marketing

As we mentioned, content marketing today is essential in any good marketing strategy due to the Big results that offers no need of carry out a high money investment. Its importance lies in the fact that, among its many applications, content marketing will help you:

Improve the visibility and positioning of your clinic

These two concepts (visibility and positioning), although they can be measured separately, are closely related since the better positioned your website is, it will appear in higher positions in the….

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Everything you need to know to design a good content marketing strategy
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Everything you need to know to design a good content marketing strategy
In this article we talk about how to achieve a good content marketing strategy for your clinic. Furthermore, at the end of the post you can download the complete dossier and learn everything you need to know.
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